Every day, HFT Educators prove our professional resiliency, perseverance, and dedication. The HFT promotes that professionalism and engages our members in raising our collective voice for positive change in our schools. There is strength in numbers, and every voice counts! We are stronger, too, by working in a coalition with other unions. This year will have challenges of its own. We will need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our students. And one way to accomplish that is to keep U and I in UnIon! We are in this together, and we’re leaving no one behind!

In Solidarity,

Carol Gale, President

Educators are catalysts for change. When we stand together we can let our voices be heard.

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About Us

Chartered as a labor union by the AFT in June 1947, the Hartford Federation of Teachers is the second largest teacher local in New England. Originally founded to assure teachers of equity in regards to wages, hours and working conditions, the HFT helps negotiate collective bargaining agreements and continues to work towards increased equity for all. 

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Stay on top of the news and events that affect you.  We update our blogs with important information, activism, and positions on the issues you care about most.  Let’s make our voices heard – together! 

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Join the hundreds of fellow teachers, SSOs, Nurses, Substitutes, and Child Development Associates.  Together we will raise our voices and make Hartford the district our students deserve!

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