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Technologists at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington began their quest for representation last year after a cybersecurity attack at the hospital and in response to the COVID-19… [Read More >>]

The personal impact of the student debt crisis came to light at the AFT’s town hall May 25, with two members sharing how this national crisis has limited their lives’… [Read More >>]

AFT President Randi Weingarten delivered a landmark address May 13 outlining her vision for reopening schools, helping students recover and reimagining public education, as the country emerges from the COVID-19… [Read More >>]

This year, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month takes on more meaning because of an increase in hate crimes, AFT President Randi Weingarten said as she opened the AFT’s… [Read More >>]

There is something powerful happening at George Floyd Square, a place where people go to honor the dead and to protest police brutality, but also a place of change and… [Read More >>]

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Reviving lost history: Teaching Juneteenth

One of Raphael Bonhomme’s students shows his work from a past Juneteenth.What is Juneteenth?Raphael Bonhomme had never even heard of it until he transferred to Howard University. And now he’s teaching it to third graders.The Juneteenth holiday is new to a lot of people, since it’s long been considered a “Black”… [Read More ->>]

‘I don’t want to leave the bedside’

Getty/xavierarnauBy Danielle O’TooleThis pandemic came at us like a freight train. Frontline staff have been squeezed beyond our imagination. As nurses, we are exhausted. The result: Hospitals are hemorrhaging nurses — not only from my facility, but from the profession — because they don’t want to work like this anymore. Hospitals wish we would suck… [Read More ->>]

For Tom Murphy, activism is in his DNA

If AFT’s motto, “activists never retire,” were a person, it would be Tom Murphy. For more than a decade, he has been the United Federation of Teachers Retirees chapter leader in New York City. Before that, Murphy served as the UFT’s political and legislative director.Leading the retiree chapter offered an… [Read More ->>]

DACA at the White House

Karen Reyes could hardly believe it. “Aquí estamos en la Casa Blanca,” she says into the phone, holding back tears as she FaceTimes with her mother from the White House lawn. “Here we are at the White House.”It was moments after she and five other Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)… [Read More ->>]

- Randi Weingarten
Thank you, today and always

It feels like I say this every year, but it’s especially true this year. Every week — every day on the calendar — should be teacher, nurse and public employee appreciation week.As we celebrate Public Service Recognition Week, May 2–8, Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3–7, and National Nurses Week, May 6–12, I often joke… [Read More ->>]