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Now that children ages 5 to 11 are eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, parents and educators have questions, and the AFT’s Facebook Live town hall on Nov. 18 gave… [Read More >>]

Together with a local affiliate, the AFT on Nov. 18 kicked off an ambitious new campaign—School Meals for All—which aims to expand the federal school meals programs so that all… [Read More >>]

Just hours before a strike would have shuttered classes at nine University of California campuses, University Council-AFT—the union representing 6,500 lecturers—announced it had a tentative agreement and the action was… [Read More >>]

Thousands of workers across the country have taken part in strikes or labor actions this fall. On Nov. 8, Scranton Federation of Teachers President Rosemary Boland, Oregon Federation of Nurses… [Read More >>]

A panel of Latinx experts gathered for what award-winning journalist Mariana Atencio called a “very raw, very current” conversation about how Latinx families can support students beginning to emerge from… [Read More >>]

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Epistle: Teachers, the struggle is real

artisteer / iStock / Getty Images Plusby Joel RichardsEditor’s note: Blackstone Elementary School technology teacher Joel Richards wrote an epistle to fellow Boston Teachers Union members, but he says we’re welcome to eavesdrop.Dear Brothers and Sisters,My name is Joel Richards. I work as a technology teacher at the Blackstone school. I have been… [Read More ->>]

- Randi Weingarten
Working people are stronger together

That line, from the century-old labor union anthem “Solidarity Forever,” feels especially apt in this moment. Aren’t we all yearning to live in a “new world” without the anxiety, disruptions and sorrow caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? Isn’t it well past time to sweep discrimination and violence based on race,… [Read More ->>]

From the border to the classroom: AFT supports newly arrived migrants

AP photo, Haitian migrants at Mexico-U.S. borderAs immigration policy continues to make its messy way through the halls of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, many migrants themselves continue to suffer. Having fled life-threatening conditions in their home countries, they’re now enduring dangerous conditions in makeshift camps or… [Read More ->>]

The language of trauma: Supporting newly arrived immigrants

Skynesher/GettyBy Joel RichardsEditor’s note: Thousands of migrants from all corners of the world, grappling with dangerous home country conditions, war, violence and humanitarian disasters, seek protection and asylum at the U.S. border every year. Images of white officers on horses chasing down Black Haitians at the United States border horrified Americans… [Read More ->>]

Florence McCue wants to create a union culture that values its retirees

Early in her teaching career, Florence McCue recognized the value of her more experienced colleagues and her union. That’s why when she retired from teaching for 33 years in Yonkers, N.Y., she carried on her union activism.McCue served the Yonkers Federation of Teachers in numerous positions.Still, it was her first… [Read More ->>]