Stuart Beckford, Second Vice President

      • Hartford resident 20 years teaching, 19 in Hartford
      • Union rep, 12 years, in 3 schools
      • Community art teacher, Hartford Parks & Rec, Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Centers
      • Community Artist, North Hill School for the Blind, CRT Craftery Gallery, Charter Oak Cultural Center
      • Asnuntuck community college, with honors

      I am a native of our great city of Hartford and received all of my educational training here in Connecticut, and I have served as a fellow educator within HPS since 2003. As someone who grew up in an immigrant family, I know first hand it takes real determination to obtain the “American dream”. This why I believe education is the best avenue for any individual develop their talents, flourish, and grow. 

      Over the course of my educational career I have been exposed to a variety of educational settings in both urban and suburban schools for my primary and secondary training. It was not always easy but I overcome many of the obstacles I faced like racial isolation, low expectations, and lack of access in many instances during my schooling. I can also recall my early love for learning and the arts and the confidence I gained from my teachers steady guidance. This is why I became an educator to safeguard others against pitfalls that impedes their progress toward prosperity. In my experience teaching in a variety of different schools from parochial, public, and even magnets students still manage to achieve. I have also witness the inequities that exist education for students as well as teachers. I know students can be successful and achieve their goals when schools are intentionally designed to empower all members of the community.

      Throughout my career I have remained a vocal advocate for grassroots reform. I have also pursued collaboration with my colleagues and taken on many challenging roles from lead teacher, to BEST and TEAM mentor, and HFT Union Rep at three different schools to support the community’s goals. To me Education has always been the best remedy to apply in fight discrimination and offers an opportunity to people from every background. I believe that the history of our unions are a reflection of America at its best. Because it tells the story of many people working together to improve our futures.This is why education uniquely stands alone in providing meaningful experiences that are beneficial to the well being and development of our children.