Dr. Miguel Cardona, CT Education Commissioner, to lead US Dept. of Education

Commissioner Cardona has been a friend of the HFT for years.

The Hartford Federation of Teachers was thrilled to see President-Elect Joe Biden nominate Dr. Miguel Cardona, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education, as the next U.S. Secretary of Education.  Dr. Cardona has been an advocate for Connecticut’s children for decades, first as a fourth-grade teacher, then as a principal, next as a district leader, and most recently guiding our state through the biggest challenges our teachers have faced in this lifetime.
“HFT is pleased by this appointment in knowing our next Secretary of Education works well with labor, understands education from multiple perspectives, and can lead effectively in a crisis,” said HFT President Carol Gale.
“Dr. Cardona has been a tireless advocate for decades,” said HFT Second Vice President Stuart Beckford.  “He has provided the stability the state has needed, while also focusing on equity and diversity.”  Beckford, who has worked with Cardona on diversity issues facing Connecticut classrooms for many years, knows Cardona and his work quite well.
HFT First Vice President Corey Moses added, “It is great to see someone with a grassroots origin continue to carry their work onto a national scale.  That is exactly the message that needs to be shared with all of our children.”
It is a hopeful sign to see one of Connecticut’s own lead our nation’s education system as we make our way out of this pandemic and build a brighter future for Hartford’s children.

Local/National News on this pick:

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